Saturday, December 13

Breaking news: Bubbhub can now be found here.

Thursday, December 11


This blogging business is complicated stuff. After messing about with my template (again) I seem to have lost my some of my archives.

My pregnancy has all but vanished. My deeply fascinating take on August, July, June...all gone.

What I need is a smart looking web address where I don't need to worry about settings and templates and drop-down boxes that confuse me.

Last night I was nearly asleep when my mobile phone rang. I was too bleary eyed to answer immediately and when I did it had rung out.

I noticed the missed call was from a girlfriend's number. Peering at the clock it read 10pm. I sent an SMS, wondering why she called so late.

S: You okay? James sleeping beside me so I can't call you back.

A few minutes later...

F: Who is James? Are you alright? Where are you?

S: Hey? At home...

F: Okay. C U 2morrow

Only today did I discover she had dialled the wrong girlfriend and had in fact been looking for another Sarah who had run off, distraught, from an office Christmas Party.

Who is James, indeed.

Shamefully, I watched the Trista/Ryan wedding extravaganza last night. O, the drunken drama of it all! I loved it.

What a bunch of fun lads Ryan's friends turned out to be.
Sorry mate, can't watch the strippers, let alone be in the same room as them. It may offend my wife.


Wednesday, December 10


A study in concentration

Bring me my tea and toast!

(i) Is enamoured by their own reflection
(ii) Has taken to waking up at midnight and 3am...again
(iii) Will only tolerate the bath water 'just so'

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